As a registered member of the ViewQwest 300KM Club, you are entitled to exclusive benefits including a t-shirt, drawstring bag, coin, and shoe charms. Please note that sizing for the t-shirt is based on availability, and you can redeem them at our ViewQwest 300KM booth located in the Post Race Zone.

No. Only the longer distance completed will be recorded into the system.

Yes, participation in both SCSM2020 and SCSM2021 Virtual and Physical Grand Finale events will contribute to your 300KM Club distance.

You will be eligible to be inducted into the 300KM Club when you register for a 10km race category and above.

Please drop an email to the Marketing team at [email protected] for them to check for you.

300km Club runners will gain exclusive access to our 24-hour pre-launch sale. More details to be revealed.

No, you do not have to. It is an accumulation of the distance you have completed.

300KM Club refers to those who have accumulated a total distance of 300km since 2010 at SCSM events. The race category that you have registered for represents the distance that will be cumulated. As long as you complete a total of 300km, you will be part of the 300KM Club.