All groups will receive incentives depending on the number of members in the group according to the Group Incentives Volunteer Program. This will also be transferred into the group’s nominated bank account.

The Group Captain of the Top 3 Groups on each race day will need to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Event for the award ceremony in Mid-December to receive the prize money.

We will publish the results on the IRONMAN Volunteers – Asia Facebook page no later than seven days after the event. Your Group Captain of the Top 3 Groups for each race day will also be notified via email. 

  1. Operation (40% from IRONMAN Aid Station Team) 

     2.#ASChallenge2022 (60% from Instagram Posts) 

The captain will share the registration link in the follow-up email with the rest of the group for them to fill their details in.

  1. Your group must have nominated a Group Captain 
  2. Your Group Captain must attend the Volunteer Captain Meetup in November 2022 
  3. Your group must have a minimum of 25 committed Volunteers 
  4. Your group members must complete the Aid Station online training and quiz 

You’ll have to nominate a Group Captain* and they will then register the group’s interest with us. A follow-up email will be sent out to the Group Captain once all the criteria below has been met. Please send in all expressions of interest for the Aid Station Challenge by June. 

*Depending on the number of volunteers in a group, the number of captains may defer. 

The Aid Station Challenge only applies to groups assigned as Aid Station Crew. 

The Top 3 Groups on both race days that display the most outstanding levels of enthusiasm, teamwork and high engagement on social media at their Aid Station will stand a chance to win attractive cash prize of $1,000, $800 and $500. 

Group Incentives will be bank transferred to the allocated bank number provided by your group’s captain. 

This Group Incentives will be given according to the number of members you have in your group as shown in the breakdown below: 

  1. Silver Level (30 – 50 members) – $100 incentives
  2. Gold Level (51 – 80 members) – $200 incentives
  3. Crystal Level (81 – 110 members) – $350 incentives
  4. Diamond Level (more than 110 members) – $500 incentives