Team Captains are individuals who have good leadership and management traits, and are interested to lead at SCSM. Captains help manage volunteers in their area and provide support in Event Operations by facilitating a positive volunteer experience. The ideal Captain is committed, the first to arrive and last to leave, feel compelled to motivate, engage, and empower volunteers in their area. 

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There are a variety of roles and shifts available from September 2023 till 3rd December 2023. 

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Group Incentives will be bank transferred to the allocated bank number provided by your group’s captain. 

This Group Incentives will be given according to the number of members you have in your group as shown in the breakdown below: 

Silver (30 – 50 members) – $100 incentives

Gold (51 – 80 members) – $200 incentives

Crystal (81 – 110 members) – $350 incentives

Diamond (>110 members) – $500 incentives

Group Incentives is an opportunity for your group to raise funds and do good at the same time. All you have to do is gather your members to support us at Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Transport allowances for Volunteers who are part of a bigger group will be made to the nominated bank account of your respective Group Coordinators. For individual Volunteers, you will receive your transport allowance at the end of your shift at the reporting area.

You will collect it at the UDAC (Uniform Distribution and Accreditation Centre) in November. Closer to the event, we will email you the location, date, and time of the collection. Keep a lookout for that. 

You can do this on your Rosterfyprofile page. The T-shirt size chart – which is also on your profile page – can be seen here. 



Indicate in Rosterfy when you apply for your role and upload your CV with your experiences as a leader. Selected captains will need to go through a round of interview before you will be selected. 

Will there be training for my role before my first shift? 

Yes, remember to complete 3-4 trainings on Rosterfy: 

  1. Online Training – depending on your role 
  1. Health & Safety Induction 
  1. General Volunteer Briefing – This is to be attended in in November 2022. 
  1. Captain Meetup – If you are a captain, you will need to an additional in-person training with our IRONMAN staff in November 2022. 

Completion of trainings and briefings are compulsory to be confirmed as an SCSM volunteer.