Run For a Reason Charity Programme

This year we invite you to join hands with your fellow runners and set some serious fundraising records!

All individual participants are encouraged to dedicate their run to a special cause in 2016. You can create your own fundraising page in just a few clicks and start raising money to run for a reason! All fundraising pages will be hosted on GIVE Asia, the event’s official fundraising platform.

Let’s come together and make a real difference in 2017!


Seeding Hope, Changing Lives

No one knows the power of sport better than a marathoner. The satisfaction earned, the lessons learned.

Now, you can help others change for the better by running for SportCares.

SportCares creates sports programming to improve the lives of children, families and communities in need. We link beneficiaries, passionate volunteers and community-spirited donors to bring out the best in everyone. We’re using sport for social inclusion, community bridging and personal empowerment.

How can you help?

With a $500 donation, SportCares can fund a gentle walking programme for the elderly for a year.

With $1,500, we can buy a sports wheelchair for a disabled athlete.

With $3,000, we can purchase a specially outfitted canoe for people with physical disabilities.

With $5,000, we can buy running shoes for 100 youths.

With $10,000, we can fund a youth football programme on Saturday Nights for a month, complete with coaches, a trainer, a meal, snacks, beverages and a bus home.

With $20,000, we can host a running programme for 20 youths for a year, with a great coach, a meal, drinks and a ride home – and, the kids can discover how good they can be, not simply in sport but in life.

Best of all, donating your time or money has never been simpler. Through the SportCares Foundation, you’ll even enjoy significant tax breaks.

Ready to help us do more?

Whether you are a runner or supporter, you can join the SportCares Movement by volunteering your time, playing on Team SportCares or donating to an excellent cause through (All donations to SportCares above $50 will generate at tax credit of 2.5 times the original amount for the donor). Your generous donation will change people’s lives for the better in years to come.

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