Less than 4 weeks to Race Day!

Less than 4 weeks out from standing at the starting line of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2019. We are with you all the way on this, but just want to share some tips on how to best prepare for your upcoming race, so that you can get the most out of this incredible experience.

Your role and individual responsibility is to prepare adequately and to turn up on the race day, fit and healthy so that you are able to enjoy the SCSM 2019 experience and not put your health at risk.

If you have any current active medical issues, your family physician or GP should be your first point of contact. Exercise is an incredible form of medicine, that has multiple lifelong positive health benefits. However, if you are currently managing any medical problems, your training load, frequency and intensity may need to be adjusted. Your doctor should be able to determine if there is any need for further investigation or management prior to participating in the upcoming race. This reduces the risk of any medical issue arising during the race.  It also gives confidence that you are fit to compete and fit to complete the race.

If you have any current active musculoskeletal injuries, even if they are minor, this is now the best time to get them appropriately assessed. This should hopefully prevent it from becoming a bigger issue prior to your race! There are numerous Sports Medicine Centres with suitable qualified Sports Physicians, in both public and private institutions that can assist in your training plan and in optimising your physical preparation for the race. Sports physiotherapists are also experts at assessing and managing common running related musculoskeletal images. Small adjustments in training load and technique may reap significant benefits when it comes to your personal SCSM 2019.

The SCSM 2019 is officially an evening race for the first time which is a huge reason to celebrate! If you generally run in the morning, it is time to start putting in some evening runs, to see how your body reacts to it. Your body will adapt to a new running time, but it is a good idea to start stimulating your body to be ready to toe the line for a 6.00pm start, rather than a morning run. Try to get in at least 2 evening runs a week, to assist in this transition and to also feel what the change in temperature and humidity feels like.

As the final countdown begins to SCSM 2019, do keep a lookout on other articles regarding critical areas such as Heat & Humidity, Hydration plans and Preventing injuries and illnesses on race day.

At this stage, in the final stage of your training plan, you still have some beautiful long runs to enjoy, with some higher intensity faster runs to look forward to. For now, enjoy the sound of your footsteps on the road, the treadmill or trail, wherever and whenever you have the privilege of running.

Dr. Cormac O’Muircheartaigh

Chief Physician SCSM 2019

Specialist Sports Physician