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Pimp your run with all the latest SCSM merchandise! Whether you are looking for a running coach, or need a new pair of shoes. You can get almost everything marathon related over here!

Need a new pair of running shoes? Why not get them from our Official Athletic Apparel Sponsor – Under Armour. Under Armour offers state-of-the-art products designed to help you perform better! Get all your official SCSM 2017 running gear from their merchandise page now!!

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 Looking to have music while you run? The third generation of
the Jaybird X-Series is now even smaller with much  bigger sound, better
battery, and the most secure-fit ever. Get yours with an exclusive discount
for SCSM participants now!

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Personalise your very own Under Armour Running T-Shirt and mark your achievement at the SCSM 2017! Exclusively for online orders; you’ll get the customisation in reflective prints suitable for late evening runs and only S$10 (U.P S$15)! Login to Active and get your tee-shirt printed now!

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Can your body handle the intensity of a race? Embark on a Fit to Run Screening test by our Official Medical Partner – Asiamedic and ensure
that your body is fit and ready for the
training to come.

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Coached is a heart rate training programme that helps you to optimise track and enjoy your training. Use code: COACHED4SCSM on our monthly Coached Running Membership for 6 weeks free coaching.

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For athletes, fat loss and general health, our lab tests provide professional diagnosis with results that let you track your progress. Use code: COACHED4SCSM when booking and receive $50 off Lactate or Fuel Efficiency testing.

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Be pampered with a host of treatment, exclusively at our VIP Hospitality Lounge! This is the perfect place to chill after your run. Login to your Active account and become a VIP now!

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