Because every kilometre seems shorter when shared with a friend¬†ūüĎ≠¬†

Refer your friends to embark on the road to #SCSM2018 and earn up to $10 cashback on your registration fee, with a min. of 5 friends (i.e. $5) referred!

Step 1: Select your preferred referral link sharing method using the options shown in your confirmation email.
Step 2: Get your friends to register for SCSM 2018 via your shared referral link.
Step 3: With a minimum of 5 friends referred, you would receive a $5 cashback. For every friend that you refer after, you will receive an additional $1 cashback per friend. The maximum amount of cashback you could receive would be $10.
Step 4: The total amount of cashback that you have earned would then be credited back to your credit card after 30 November 2018 when registration closes.

The referral doesn’t stop at 10 friends – be the participant with the highest number of referred friend and receive a special prize from us too! Stay tuned as we reveal the grand prize for our Refer A Friend programme.