The Ekiden, a concept which originally began in Japan, is a hugely popular running format. Teams of six runners bring their training and teamwork together to complete 42.195km.

Ekiden (42.195km)
3 December 4.30AM – Orchard Road

The first runner of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as the Marathon participants. Each team member will run a section of the marathon, passing the team sash to their next teammate at each of the five Ekiden points.

Ekiden runners will also be sharing this route with Full Marathoners, scroll down for more details!

Ekiden Changeover Zones
Recommended Drop-Off Points

Elevation Profile

Total Ascent: 421 metres
Total Descent: 441 metres
Maximum Altitude: 27 metres
Minimum Altitude: 0 metres
Download High-Resolution Image of the Route

Swapping of Runners Position

Team Captains are able to change their team relay order up till 13th October 2017, 17:00hrs. After which, change of team relay order is not allowed. Team Leaders can do so by contacting [email protected].

Getting to The Start Line

Below is a table of the distance that each runner will cover and their respective start location:

Runner 1

Runner 1 will follow the 2AM or 3AM Full Marathon shuttle bus service to their start point at Orchard.

Runner 2 – 6

Runners 2 – 6 will be able to take the 3am shuttle bus service towards Kallang Leisure Park Carpark 4 (KLP). From there, there will be a separate shuttle bus service to bring the runners to their respective changeover zones. More details can be found in the table below:

Going Back to Padang

There will be hourly shuttle bus service from the changeover zones to padang. Please see the table below for more details:

Runners Information Guide

Already registered for the race and want to find out more information? We have made an information guide for you!
Click here to download the Runner Info Guide!


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