A marathon is one of the most challenging physical activities one can choose to participate in, providing extreme mental and physical challenges throughout the 42.195km. Overcoming these challenges and then completing the run makes it all worthwhile. Crossing the marathon finish line is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding personal experiences an athlete can enjoy.

Marathon (42.195km)
3 December 4.30AM – Orchard Road

The marathon is a considerable distance and should only be taken up by runners who are committed to several months of dedicated training. Individuals who are new to the sport of running may wish to start with a shorter distance and then move up to a marathon once confident they can safely complete the 42.195km.

Elevation Profile

Total Ascent: 421 metres
Total Descent: 441 metres
Maximum Altitude: 27 metres
Minimum Altitude: 0 metres
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Ekiden (42.195km)
3 December 4.30AM – Orchard Road

The Ekiden, a concept which originally began in Japan, is a hugely popular running format. Teams of six runners bring their training and teamwork together to complete 42.195km.

The first participant of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as the Marathon participants. Each team member will run a section of the marathon, passing the team sash to their next teammate at each of the five Ekiden points.

Ekiden runners will also be sharing this route with Full Marathoners, with detailed changeover points to be announced closer to event date.