Through tiny steps of starting an individual journey towards the unprecedented achievement of completing 42.195KM. Toyota pushes forward with our athletes, and wheelchair elites towards their vision at the Finish Line. In life, their impossible. Ninety years ago, it was impossible for Toyota to imagine where Toyota would be today. It would not have happened if they didn’t start.

Start Your Impossible.


Shariff, 50
Singapore’s Blade Runner

The odds weren’t in his favour, but he never gave up.

Shariff Abdullah will be challenging his 10th Singapore Marathon this 2018. We are not limited by who we are. We have the power to be who we want to be.

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Celia Kee, 53

‘Age’ is just a number and ‘fear’ is just a word.

Celia Kee turns 53 this year and is competing in her first run. It is never too late to challenge yourself to something new.

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Uncle Kor, 86

Hard work, dedication, discipline and a positive mindset.

These are Kor Hong Fatt’s secret ingredients to having numerous marathons under his belt. Never let anything limit you. Don’t stop doing what you love.

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Methodist Welfare Services(MWS)

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

The Methodist Welfare Services team is running for a greater cause this year. They are running for not one, but thousands of beneficiaries. Together, they have the power to achieve the impossible.

#StartYourImpossible today with #SCSM2018: