How do I apply to volunteer at SCSM 2019?

You can register at https://ironman-asia.rosterfy.co/register to create your Volunteer profile. Volunteers who already have a Rosterfy account from SCSM 2017 and SCSM 2018 can use your existing log-in details and view the available roles. First-time Volunteers can view the available roles after they’ve received the Successful Volunteer Application email.

Is there a minimum age requirement for Volunteers?

Most of our roles require the Volunteers will have to be at least 18 years old as of 1 January 2019. We do have several roles that would be great for 15-year-olds, especially if they are part of a bigger group that has Volunteers who are aged 18 and above.

When will I know that my role application has been confirmed?

You should be able to see this on the Volunteer portal by 28 September 2019.

What are the dates that I’ll be expected to volunteer on?

There are a variety of roles and shifts available from mid-October till 1 December 2019.

Can I volunteer for more than one day?

You certainly can.

How can groups get to volunteer? We’d love to recommend certain roles that have been great for groups at past SCSMs and encourage groups by offering donations to groups for organising and sourcing volunteers. We welcome sports clubs, schools, offices, community organisations and all those looking to raise funds for charities and other good causes.

If you have a group of 30+ volunteers, and would like to find out how you can raise funds for your sporting, community, or charity group through volunteering at Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon do email: [email protected]

The more volunteers your group gathers, the higher the amount that you’ll raise!

Who will I be working with?

Our Volunteers come from all walks of life and many of them will be bringing their own experiences from volunteering at other events. Every team will be led by a Team Captain.

Who can become a Team Captain?

Team Captains are individuals who are interested in greater responsibility at SCSM. Captains help check in other Volunteers, conduct orientations and provide support in Event operations by facilitating a positive Volunteer experience. The ideal Captain is the first to arrive and last to leave, feels compelled to motivate, engage, and empower Volunteers in their area.

Team Captains:

  • Supervise, lead, guide, and assist Volunteers at SCSM 2019, including on-site orientation and assistance with volunteer check‐in and clean up.
  • Act as a liaison between IRONMAN and Volunteers under your supervision.
  • Communicate with IRONMAN staff and group leaders (of groups working in your area) before and after the race.
  • Follow IRONMAN and SCSM Marathon guidelines, policies, and procedures.
  • Will undergo Captain-specific training and orientation ahead of their shifts
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have regular access to the internet and a mobile phone
  • Must be able to participate for the full shift, plus an hour before your team is scheduled to arrive

Registration for the Team Captain role can be made on your Rosterfy profile page and we will let you know if you’ve been assigned as Captain for your shift.

Will there be training for my role before my first shift?

We will upload role-specific training material on to your Volunteer portal. We will organise a General Briefing for all Volunteers ahead of your shift. You’ll get the chance to meet your team and learn about your duties at SCSM.

Depending on your role, there may be more role-specific and venue-specific training sessions. Similarly, your Captain/Aid Station Challenge Group Coordinator will be contacting you at least two weeks before the event to share more information with you.


What am I entitled to as a Volunteer?

You will receive an official event Volunteer T-shirt, meals and snacks during your shift, an E-Certificate of Appreciation, CIP hours (if requested prior to the event), a transport allowance for each shift and the priceless experience of contributing towards the success of a high-profile international event. *Not all Volunteers will receive all the items above

Where can I let you know about my T-shirt size and food preferences?

You can do this on your Rosterfy profile page. The T-shirt size chart – which is also on your profile page – can be seen here.

When will I receive my transport allowance?

Transport allowances for Volunteers who are part of a bigger association/club/office/school group will be made to the nominated bank account of your respective Group Coordinators. For individual Volunteers, you will receive your transport allowance at the end of your shift.


What is the Aid Station Challenge?

The Aid Station Challenge is open to any group made up of at least 40 individuals.

The Aid Station Challenge only applies to groups assigned as Aid Station Crew on 30 November 2019.

On offer are donations to the top three groups that display the most outstanding levels of enthusiasm, teamwork and positive attitude at their Aid Station.

How does my group get to participate in the Aid Station Challenge?

You’ll have to nominate *two members in your group as the Group Coordinators and they will then register the group’s interest with us. A follow-up email will be sent out to the Group Coordinators once all the criteria below has been met. Please send in all expressions of interest for the Aid Station Challenge by 30 July 2019.

What are the criteria to join the Aid Station Challenge?

• Your group must have nominated two Group Coordinators

• Your group must have a minimum of 40 committed Volunteers who will attend our Briefings (dates TBC) and their shifts as Aid Station Crew on 30 November 2019

• Your two Group Coordinators must attend the Volunteer Captain Briefing

• Your group members must complete the Volunteer Quiz and score at least 80%

My group has now been accepted into the Aid Station Challenge. What do we do next?

The coordinators will share the registration link in the follow-up email with the rest of the group for them to fill their details in. In the field that requires the bank details, everyone in the group must fill in the same bank details that the Group Coordinators had provided as all donations will be made into one bank account.

What are the judging criteria to make the top three groups of the Aid Station Challenge?

We are looking for the top three groups that display the most outstanding levels of enthusiasm, teamwork and positive attitude at their Aid Station.

When will the results of the top three groups of the Aid Station Challenge be out?

We will publish the results on the IRONMAN Volunteers – Asia Facebook page no later than seven days after the event. Both the Group Coordinators of the top three groups will also be notified via email.

When will the winning groups receive their donations?

The Group Coordinators of the top three groups will need to return an acknowledgement notice to the organisers for the bank transfer process to begin.

What if my group is not in the top three of the Aid Station Challenge? All groups that take part in the Aid Station Challenge will receive a donation that will be transferred into the group’s nominated bank account.

For all other questions, you may email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.