Introduced in 2017, the SCSM Women Squad aims to foster a community of strong female runners by helping them train for Race Day. That’s why we offer a dedicated training programme to ladies who take pride in their stride and strive to lead an active lifestyle.

This year’s programme, presented by Garmin, offers four training runs as well as diverse fitness workshops (such as yoga and HIIT) and lifestyle talks to help women pursue their passions, conquer their goals and beat yesterday.

Garmin Women Squad activities are free and available to all registered female #SCSM2019 runners, so stay tuned to the SCSM Facebook or training schedule for updates!

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Garmin Women Squad Workshops & Captains

This year, we’ve got a series of exciting workshops led by our Garmin Women Squad Captains to help you become stronger, faster and more fit!

Look out for these familiar faces, as they guide you through their expertise in running, yoga, strength training and more:

Sarah Wee (IG: @saraweeruyu)
Yoga Workshop
14 September, 9am – 11am

You might recognise Sara as the lead vocalist of local band 53A, but apart from that, Sara wears many other hats too. As a certified yoga instructor, Sara teaches at The Yoga Mandala and specialises in conducting Acrovinyasa classes. The practice of Acrovinyasa includes vinyasa flow with a sequence of acrobatic asanas, both solo and with a partner. When not in her yoga gear, Sara is lecturing part-time at the School of Music at Lasalle College of the Arts – her alma mater.

As a co-captain for the Garmin Women Squad, Sara will be conducting an Acrovinyasa Yoga session to help tone your muscles.

Sherlynn Tan (IG: @sherlynn_tan)
Outdoor Run
9 October, 7pm – 9pm
6 November, 7pm – 9pm

An avid long distance and marathon runner, Sherlynn is a motivated endurance athlete who strives to improve and better herself daily. As a Garmin ambassador and co-captain for Adidas Runners Singapore, Sherlynn actively engages with the running community through the facilitation of weekly public runs. Professionally, Sherlynn is a software developer who takes pride in cracking codes.

As a co-captain for the Garmin Women Squad, Sherlynn will focus on the run aspect and will be sharing tips on how to improve your running performance.

Cheryl Loh (IG: @cherylfit_sg)
19 October, 9am – 11am

Hardly a fresh face in the fitness scene despite her young age, Cheryl is a fitness instructor and personal trainer who believes in helping others achieve their fitness goals. An active person since young, Cheryl has been involved in several sports such as recreational gymnastics, trampoline, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She was the first Singaporean female to participate in Sasuke Ninja Warrior. In her free time, Cheryl can be found doing high-intensity interval trainings (HIIT).

As a co-captain for the Garmin Women Squad, Cheryl will be conducting a HIIT workout session to strengthen your core and muscles.

Jenny Huang (IG:
Rehabilitation & Conditioning
2 November, 3pm – 5pm

Ubiquitously coined a “Supermom”, Jenny is a familiar face in the running scene and a regular podium finisher at multiple races. A mother, an ultra-runner and a physiotherapist who recently opened her own clinic, Jenny has to juggle between parenting duties, running a business and finding time to train consistently. She is a strong believer of going beyond both her physical and mental barriers, and constantly puts this to the test by going on runs that are longer than the last.

As a co-captain for the Garmin Women Squad, Jenny will be conducting a rehabilitation and conditioning session that will enhance your performance and get you ready for the upcoming race day.